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Southern California native, Sabrina Lentini, is a singer/songwriter, a true lover of story-telling, and a believer in the magic of country music. Sabrina has enchanted and captivated audiences with her unique take on the traditional country genre, and her latest releases have earned features on CMT and on Spotify's editorial playlists. Her music has been described as "bright and playful and a true reflection of her personality", bringing smiles to the faces of those who listen.

  During her Sophomore year of high school, she was the youngest contestant to make it all the way to the Top 48 out of more than 75,000 for Season 13 of FOX’s American Idol. By working hard and playing thousands of shows throughout the years, she has turned her passion for songwriting and performing into her career. Sabrina is currently spending her time traveling between California, and Nashville, TN, working on her next release. 



"Lentini’s honey-smooth voice has a throaty sound; think Norah Jones sprinkled with a dash of Jewel."

- Greg Hardesty, The Orange County Register

"The strum of her guitar, playful lyrics and stories stand as beacons that light the paths in

Sabrina Lentini’s heart."

    - Patrick LeFils,

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